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Back to School

Posted by Granny1952 Saturday, August 15, 2009

It’s time for the young to think about going back to school. Parents and children both have to adjust their time for this blessed event. Going to bed earlier to get enough sleep and eating a healthy breakfast earlier than done in the summer are part of the new regime.

Then there are the school supplies that need to be purchased. Do they need new cloths, backpacks, and P.E. clothes? Hopefully there is still the physical education in your school.

Is your child just beginning – in kindergarten, or middle school or high school, maybe college? Each new school has anticipation, wonder and possibly a little fear. The move to each grade is like a passage of time.

There are so many little details to attend too, depending on the age of the child. Booster shots, sports physicals, lunches: hot or cold? Do they need their hair trimmed? How about the dentist or eye exams before the school season?

The last 2 weeks of back to school activities can be time consuming. The family may also want to take one last camping trip before being tied down for the next 9 months.

Did your high school age teens have summer homework? Ours did. All incoming freshman and sophomore’s had to go on line and write at least one book report. The school district had a link on the high school webpage.

The start up of schools also is like a marker -- the summer coming to an end and getting ready for fall, with winter around the corner. But after the long hot fun filled summer, the start up of the school is truly looked forward to by both the parents and their children.


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