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Posted by Granny1952 Friday, November 20, 2009



..Keep Healthy Meals Close on Hand (in fridge or freezer). Will keep you from ordering take out on busy schedule

..Try to Diet during season; focus on maintaining instead of losing.

..Drink 1 glass of water for each alcoholic beverage – will keep you from dehydration and help you not to overeat and drink less alcohol

..Drink on an empty stomach– can lead to overeating and over drinking

..Make modified treat with lower calories – modify treats instead of depriving self of favorite s

..Save calories for party – will lead to being to hungry and overeating

..Offer to bring dish to party – make it a low carb healthy dish – one way to guarantee one dish you can eat

..Stand by a party buffet. Serve self small portions and do away from table, mingle

..Keep active, take a walk after meals, create games with family and friends,

..Eat quickly – more likely to increase eating – takes 20 minutes for body to acknowledge stomach is full

..Eat healthy snack BEFORE going to a party

..Skip Meals – leads to getting over hungry

..At Buffet, put only 2 items on plate at a time… walk away, mingle, return as many times a want but only put 2 items on plate at a time


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