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Happy New Year!

Posted by Granny1952 Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have you looked over the past 12 months? As I sit here thinking about the New Year Resolutions; I have been doing a lot of reflecting. What did I do in 2010?

I guess the big thing is I returned to college to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness. I am not sure what spurred me to look into furthering my education. Two things happened to me personally that most likely influenced my decision.

First, my best friend passed away in May. We exchanged trivia books a lot, and she is the reason I ever had anything to do with a computer. I remember saying a computer would never be in my home. Then she talked me into talking a computer class with her in the mid 1980’s. It is funny to look back at now. The class started out with “this is a computer; this is the on button… etc….” We also learned how to do simple programming using Edline. I think that is how it is spelled. It was so long ago. We were always studying something together. I remember listening to recordings of sermons on a cassette player together when we lived in Montana. We had the coffee pot on, our Bibles and Concordances out and had to listen to the same tape over and over. How I miss her; my study buddy.

Second, we had our 40th high school class reunion. Boy what a shock. Where did the 40 years go? I enjoyed this reunion a lot. The classmates were fun and all those high school’ish pretenses were gone. Most of them were getting ready to retire and here I was thinking of going back to college… what a kick. But the reunion did make me realize that getting my degree was something I had never finished. I did change what I wanted the degree in though. I no longer desire an accounting degree. To many years as a bookkeeper and doing taxes ended that desire! I chose Health and Wellness because nutrition is a subject I am always researching. Plus, it goes well with my Herbalife business and the nutrition class I coach.

As I decided what my New Year’s Resolutions were going to be, I chose to make a dream board with my list in the middle. My headings included: Spiritual, Health, Business, Education and Personal Development. So today, the Dream Board will be finished. I will be choosing my pictures to put around the resolution list. Family pictures will be fun to look at to choose from.

To me, each New Year is a beginning of a new chapter of my life. I start with a fresh page and have 365 days to fill this period of time with experiences. Have I kept very many resolutions for a whole year? Not many, but some I have. Those few I have, has made a lot of positive changes in my life. So… which ones will I do for the whole year? Will see in 365 day, lol!

Hoping you have a wonderful and positive 2011!


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