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Posted by Granny1952 Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camping is fun. I mean real camping; sleeping in tents, no electricity, campfires, if possible. But you need to be prepared. When creating your list of foods, check out the area for animals such as bears. If there is a concern, take pre cooked foods so you will not attract them with the smell from cooking. Bug sprays, first aid kits are essential. Take plenty of water. Even if you have a filtering system, taking bottle water for a back up is important. Outdoor activities require more water to stay hydrated. Take a variety of cloths for both hot and cold. Don’t forget the extra batteries for the flashlights. Put a blanket in your sleeping bag.

We just got back from camping. About 200 of us met for the week. It is such a good way to get to know your friends better and sometimes make new friends. The kids learn how to survive a week without their iPods, cell phones, computer games and television. The lack of interruptions creates a more relaxed family atmosphere. The teens help with the little ones. Campfire we sing, have skits, play games. Hiking, swimming, games are daily activities.

Our camp is a Bible Camp. So the memory verses they learn have a special meaning as they always connect it to their week at camp. The kids look at serving meals as a privilege, not a chore. We all have a few hours a day to increase our knowledge of God and his plan for us. We come home happy, dirty, tired and hopefully, a little wiser. The memories are priceless. Will we go again next year? You bet. It is our time to reconnect, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and instill in our children, while the adults strengthens, the values that God wants and expects from us.


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