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June Weddings

Posted by Granny1952 Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Many a bride looks forward to being a June Bride. The months of preparation must begin almost a year ahead of the big day. Many details must be dealt with. After the big proposal, the place to have the wedding is chosen. Once the location has been secured, then flowers are ordered, invitation selected, food menu planned, guest list created, so much to do.

Many think that a white gown is a symbol of virginity, purity. But the original symbolism of white had to do with joy, not abstinence. In Japan, white is for mourning and the brides wore it to show that with their marriage they are “dead to their parents”. During the American Revolution, red was popular – it stood for rebellion.

There are many traditions associated with weddings. Including catching the bridal bouquet, catch it and you are to be the next one getting married. Girls used to jump and hope they would be the one to catch the array of flowers. Then the vehicle that the newlyweds leave in is decorated. The fun of decorating with shaving cream, balloon stuffed inside, and bungee cords hooked to each of the doors. The newlyweds try to sneak away, but alas the tin cans give them away and the chase begins. Everyone jumps in their cars to follow, honking the horns and letting everyone know that the bride and groom are on their way to begin the life they have dreamed of, a new beginning with a promise of things to come.


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