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Posted by Granny1952 Monday, May 18, 2009

What plans do you have for this summer? Family Reunions...BBQ's....maybe Camping.
Summer has so many activity options for the extra daylight hours we have. People are smiling. We made it through one more winter followed by those spring showers.

Summer seems to be arriving slowly this year. But at long last, the weather has turned warm and sunny. Finally the garden can be planted without the worry of frost. Lawn mowers dusted off, weed eaters out for trimming the edges. It feels so good to look at the sunset, to be outside and sit on a lawn that is freshly mowed, sprinklers on for the kids to run through. That fresh smell all of it creates.

Schools are let out and the reunions begin. Camp sites fill up with tents and RVs. The air fills up with bar-b-qued hamburgers and hot dogs. Swim lessons, can't forget the swim lessons and the city pool opening.

Fourth of July arrives all to soon, marking the summer half way point. At least it seems like it is half way over. In reality there is 2 months left but the ads for school to begin again are just around the corner.

August, the heat isn't as glamorous any more. Kids are getting antsy for school to begin. Missing their friends they only see at school. Then the ads start and the rush to get them outfitted with everything from socks to pencils.

Last of the vacation time is spent. Work places are quieter due to everyone being gone. Then Labor Day arrives. Lawn mowers, weed eaters are put up, camping gear stored away, pools emptied and dried to be ready for the next summer.

Days are shorter and the feeling of wanting to cuddle around a fireplace has that same effect as the beginning of summer. Ah, we made it through another summer.

Plans for the winter holidays begin. The smiles, the air has a different jolly feeling. Swim suits are packed and the snow suits are hanging on the coat racks. The cycle starts again; and we wait, for the summer to arrive again.

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