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What’s in a Name?

Posted by Granny1952 Sunday, May 31, 2009

When you name your baby, have you thought about the effect it has on your child? What happens when you call your child by their middle name instead of their first name? Have you looked at the initials he/she would have?

In today’s computer world, it makes a lot of difference on which name you go by. For example, you can go by your middle name. But schools, doctors, certificates, transcripts, diplomas and legal documents all will be in the birth record first name. Also in the school annuals, will their friends be able to find them when the first name is used instead of the known by, middle name. That was not always the case.

Ulysses S. Grant, our 18th President, went by his middle name. In fact, his birth record name is: Hiram Ulysses Grant. Where did the “S” come from? When he was registered at West Point Academy, he was incorrectly registered as Ulysses Simpson Grant. Simpson was his mother’s maiden name. Since Ulysses did not like his initials from his legal birth name, (HUG) he chose not to make the correction and left it as it was. Thereafter he was known as Ulysses S Grant.

Today he would have had to go to court and get permission to make the change. First you get the paperwork filed, pay the court fees and get on the docket to see the judge. Then show up on the scheduled date and time. Get “permission” from the judge. Afterwards you will need certified copies for many areas in your life. The banks, social security, schools, employers, driver’s license, doctors, dentists, to name a few, would all need certified copies to update their records and make the necessary changes. All Ulysses S Grant had to do is not correct an error in registration!

Times have changed. So, as you name your child, why not put on the birth certificate what you’re really going to call him/her?


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