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The Most Important Meal of the Day

Posted by Granny1952 Friday, May 22, 2009

Every since I was a little girl, I have heard the importance of eating breakfast. It is labeled as the most important meal of the day. As it turns out, my Mother was correct.

What does breakfast do for you? Pretend your body is like your car. We gas up our cars, and add oil and water when needed. The same goes for our bodies. We need fuel in the morning to get the most miles out of our energy. Do you want to get 18 or 32 miles per unit of energy? Do you want that donut and cup of coffee to stall you along the highway, in need of a tow?

What is the best breakfast? My grandchildren think that Protein Shakes are the best way to start off the day. Eggs, pancakes, and oatmeal are a second choice. They are very creative with their shakes. Milk, protein powder, fruits, nuts or peanut butter and then the most important ingredient, chocolate syrup are blended together, and then a straw is added to complete the meal. Their recipes have titles like: Snickers on the Rocks, Butterfinger, and Peppermint Smoothie. Sometimes they even add a spoonful of instant pudding. Yes, they are very creative. But what is so important is that they start their engines with good fuel as they walk out the door and begin a day of activities.

So… what are you having tomorrow morning to start your engine?


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