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February is Heart Health Month

Posted by Granny1952 Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of the ways to help your heart – start walking! It is simple, and helps your body in so many ways. Don’t sit for long periods of time. Our bodies are not made for as much sitting as we do in today’s world of conveniences.

Another way is to make sure you are getting enough Omega 3’s. EPA, ALA, DHA are different types of Omega 3’s. EPA & DHA are found in cold water fish, salmon, tuna, trout, sardines, seaweed. ALA is found in flax seed, walnuts, beans, dark leafy vegetables and soybeans. Omega 3’s are a natural anti-inflammatory for the body.

If you buy the capsules; do a few simple tests on the capsules.                                                      

First one:
Place a Styrofoam cup in a soup bowl, fill about half way full of hot water, and drop a capsule into the water. See how long it takes to dissolve and does it melt the cup. The faster it dissolves and melts the cup, the better for you. I tried this on several brands and the cheaper ones never did dissolve and some took hours. If it takes hours or never dissolves, does it do you any good? Your body will push it through the digestive system without absorbing the omega 3’s.

Second one:
Poke a hole in the end of the capsule; squirt the oil onto a piece of foil. Place in freezer. (I put the foil in a little Dixie cup to avoid spilling) Mercury will freeze at -38 degrees. Check it out later or next day. Did the oil gel? Freeze?

Omega 3’s help your body in so many ways. It not only helps your heart but your brain also. Links to depression and lack of Omega 3’s have been found in studies. If you are on blood thinning medications, you should check with your doctor first on how much Omega 3’s you should eat.


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