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Personal Goals

Posted by Granny1952 Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here it is – time once again to make our New Year’s Resolution.  Oh, how many we have made and not kept.  Did you keep one?  What was different about the one you kept and the one that ended after a few weeks? 

Little tricks that help me include journaling and the simpler the better.  Here is a sample of one I use – One goal per week. I take it 12 weeks increments – choose a goal topic for the 12 weeks and then each week choose a goal to help me reach that overall goal. For example:  Exercise. Week 1 it would be to walk 10,000 steps per day.  At the end of the week I would write what I did to get those steps in and then write down my results.  Week 2 may be to make three days aerobic walking, etc….

While a year – 12 months – sound like such a long time, taking it one day, or one week at a time, and changing or modifying the goal every 12 weeks, seem more manageable. 
I try to make at least one day out of every week a Personal Development day.  Learn something new about my goal topic.  The internet is so full of information; the library has so many books.

So my New Year’s Resolution is to do a whole year of 12 week Personal Goals.  I am excited to get started.  Oh, and another trick – only make up one 12 week goal sheet at a time. Keep it manageable. Next year at this time I want to be able to look back and say, yes I did it!


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